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This program provides free online tutoring for enrolled SUNY Adirondack students in various subjects.

What You Need to Know

  • Online Tutoring is free.
  • Online tutoring is part of shared services consortium with 19 other SUNY colleges.
  • Each participating SUNY—including SUNY Adirondack—identifies trained and qualified tutors to provide online tutoring.

The following core subjects are available for the Fall 2017 semester

  • Writing for any course below the 400 level (except foreign language)
  • Math for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calc I, & Intro to Statistics
  • Chemistry Introductory level & General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
  • Biology Introductory level and Anatomy & Physiology
  • Physics Introductory level
  • Psychology Introductory level
  • Economics Introductory level, Macro and Micro
  • Computer Science Introductory level
  • Nursing Introductory level
  • Accounting for any course below the 400 level


Hours and Availability

Fall 2017: Tuesday September 5 - Tuesday December 12, 2017**

Spring 2018: Tuesday January 30 - Thursday May 10, 2018

**Please note: Thanksgiving Break will include Tuesday November 21 through Thursday November 23.


How to Access STAR-NY Online Tutoring

Go to


Instructions for Working with an Online Tutor

  • Email papers, assignments, questions, etc. to (papers should be sent as .docx or .pdf). Documents can be sent to this email at any time, but to receive feedback and tutoring a student must enter the online tutoring platform between 7:00pm and midnight Sundays through Thursdays. Refer to the schedule for available subjects each evening. Tutors do not respond or correct work through email correspondence. To receive online tutoring, a student must interact with the tutor in the online platform.
  • Open a browser other than Internet Explorer such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome to log into the tutoring site:
  • Click on the "Sign In Here" link.  Enter the information requested.  Please note that the Sign In Here link is only visible during the 7 to Midnight hours of operation.
  • Select the room for the subject in which assistance is needed. There may be a wait, as students are helped in the order in which they log on. Tutors will greet students in the chat box area to the right of the whiteboard.
  • If you encounter any problems with the website, or have any questions, please e-mail


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