Adventure Sports: Leadership and Management

Program Information

Degree Type: AAS
Program Code: ADVS
Hegis Code: 5506.10
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Adventure Sports (AVS) is an adventure-based academic experience focused on preparing highly skilled outdoor industry professionals through intensive training and professional certification. AVS is a comprehensive program of liberal arts, critical thinking, environmental stewardship, outdoor technical skill development, professional certification, and leadership training. The curriculum integrates academic skills with outdoor and human skills in a program of academic and professional preparation. Students completing the AAS requirements will be prepared to transfer to a four-year program at select SUNY and private institutions or entry-level careers in the outdoor adventure industry.

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-4 Freshman Experience HRD100 HRD100A or HRD110

Writing I

ENG101 or ENG100A &ENG100B

SUNY GEN ED Basic Communication

ENG102, ENG103, ENG104, ENG105, ENG106, ENG107, ENG108, ENG109 or ENG110
3-4 SUNY GEN ED Mathematics  
3-4 Lab Science CHM105 recommended
3 SUNY GEN ED Social Science ANT101 Cultural Anthropology or ECO202 Principles of Economics II (Micro) recommended
3 SUNY GEN ED Social Science ANT101 Cultural Anthropology or ECO202 Principles of Economics II (Micro) recommended
3 Introduction to Digital Art or Graphic Arts I ART122 or ART222
3 Fundamentals of Backcountry Living AVS101
2 Basic River and Backcountry Canoeing  AVS102 (Coreq Required)
3 Foundations of Adventure Education AVS140
3 Wilderness First Responder HED108
3 Adventure Program Leadership and Instruction  AVS227 (Prereq Required)
3 Adventure Program Management  AVS240 (Prereq Required)
3 Adventure Program Operations Internship  AVS178 (Prereq Required)

Business Elective

BUS102, BUS103, BUS165 or BUS181)
10 Choose 10 credits from at least 2 areas of concentration with advisement  
  Challenge Course  
1 Challenge Course I PED152
1 Challenge Course II  PED162 (Prereq Required)
3 Challenge Course Management AVS231 (Prereq Required)
  Whitewater Sports  
1 Whitewater I PED139
1 Whitewater II  PED149 (Prereq Required)
3 Safety and Swiftwater Rescue  AVS222 (Prereq Required)
1 Skiing I or Snowboarding I PED124 or PED144
1 Skiing II or Snowboarding II

PED154 or PED174 (Prereq Required)

3 Fundamentals of Backcountry Skiing AVS224 (Prereq Required)
  Rock Climbing  
1 Rock Climbing I PED165
1 Rock Climbing II  PED166 (Prereq Required)
3 Rock Climbing Guiding and Instruction AVS265 (Prereq Required)
3 Liberal Arts and Sciences  
3 Electives  
64 Minimum Credits required for graduation  
Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-4 HRD100, HRD100A or HRD110
3 ENG101 or ENG100A & ENG100B
3 Business Elective
3 SUNY GEN ED Social Science (ANT 101 recommended)
3 AVS101
3 AVS140
1 PED Concentration area course
Winter Semester (Snowsports)
1 PED124 or PED144
Second Semester
3 ENG102 - ENG110
3 AVS Concentration area course
3 ART122 or ART222
3 HED108
2 AVS102
1 PED Concentration area course
Summer Semester (Whitewater)
1 PED139
1 PED149
3 AVS 222
Summer Semester (Rock Climbing)
1 PED166
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
3 SUNY GEN ED Social Science
3 SUNY GEN ED Mathematics
3 Liberal Arts and Sciences
3 AVS227
1 PED Concentration area course
3 Business Elective
Fourth Semester
3-4 Lab Science (CHM 105 recommended)
3 Elective
3 AVS Concentration area course
3 AVS178
3 AVS240



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