Liberal Arts and Sciences: Individual Studies - Sport Management

Program Information

Degree Type: AS
Program Code: INST - SPMT
Hegis Code: 5649.00
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Sport Management Concentration

This AS in Individual Studies degree will allow students studying in the Humanities to enroll in a combination of theatre, music and art coursework in preparation for a baccalaureate degree. With the flexibility in design, students will be able to explore the various performance/applied humanities curriculum offered by the college. Students will also have the option to enroll in Business courses to provide a management/marketing focus to their studies. The program will prepare students for transfer to four year institutions into a program of their design not currently offered by the college. Students will have obtained the necessary SUNY general education coursework and be allowed to customize their remaining coursework based on desired transfer school and/or SUNY Transfer path.

The degree path combines business and general education coursework to prepare students for transfer to obtain a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences from SUNY Cortland. In addition, through Health and Wellness and Elective credits, students may enroll in physical education or college sport courses. A liberal arts background, coupled with coursework in management, marketing, accounting, economics and human resource management, will provide the necessary foundation for the student’s interest in the sport industry. Sports are a dynamic growth industry, in the United States and worldwide, and can significantly contribute to an institution’s or region’s economic viability.  

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-2 Freshman Experience HRD100 HRD100A or HRD110
3 Writing I ENG101 or ENG100A &ENG100B
3 SUNY GEN ED Basic Communication  ENG102, ENG103, ENG104, ENG105, ENG106, ENG107, ENG108, ENG109 or ENG110
4 Introduction to Statistics with Probability MAT127
4 SUNY GEN ED Natural Science lab science  
3 SUNY GEN ED Mathematics or Science elective  
2 Health and Wellness Any PED activity courses, AVS101, AVS102, BIO115, HED103, HED104, HED108, NTR101, NTR111, PED105, PED106, PED206, or PED211 (Note: PED 210 and PED 212 do not fulfill this requirement)
3 SUNY GEN ED Western Civilization HIS100, HIS101 or HIS102
3 SUNY GEN ED American History HIS103 or HIS104
3 General Psychology PSY101
3 SUNY GEN ED The Arts  
3 SUNY GEN ED Foreign Language  
3 SUNY GEN ED Humanities Liberal Arts and Sciences  
3 Introduction to Public Speaking SPH111SPH 111
3 Principles of Management BUS102BUS 102
3 Principles of Marketing BUS103BUS 103
4 Financial Accounting BUS146BUS 146
3 Principles of Human Resource Management BUS261BUS 261
3 Office Productivity Software CIS125CIS 125
3 Microeconomics ECO101ECO 101
4 Electives  
64 Minimum credits required for graduation  
64 minimum credits required for graduation

Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-2 HRD100, HRD100A or HRD110
3 ENG101 or ENG100 A & B
3 PSY101
3 HIS103 or HIS104


3 SPH 111
Second Semester
1 Health and Wellness
3 ENG 102 - ENG 110
3 SUNY GEN ED Foreign Language
3 HIS 100, HIS 101 or HIS 102
3 BUS 102
3 BUS 103
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
4 SUNY GEN ED Natural Science lab science
4 MAT 127
3 CIS 125
3 BUS 261
3 Elective
Fourth Semester
1 Health and Wellness
3 SUNY GEN ED Mathematics or Science
3 SUNY GEN ED  Humanities Liberal Arts and Sciences
3 ECO 202
4 BUS 146
1 Elective

Note:  This concentration transfers seamlesly to SUNY  Cortland and SUNY Empire State College.

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