Online Learning

About Online Learning

Students can take SUNY Adirondack online internet-based courses from the comfort of their home, their office, or anywhere else they can work on a computer with Internet access. Unlike classroom-based courses, your instructor, your course mates, and you each work at your own times and in separate locations. Online students can build their "class" time around all the other demands of their work schedule and family responsibilities instead of having to attend class at predetermined times and places.

SUNY Adirondack online courses are similar to traditional classroom courses in that they are both taught by the same experienced faculty and start and end with the regular semester calendar. Just as in classroom-based courses, online courses have reading and homework assignments with deadlines. When you enroll in an online course, plan to begin "attending class" the very first day of the semester, just as you would for classroom-based courses. Plan to work a minimum of 9 to 12 hours a week for each 3 credit online course. Expect to write a lot, using course communication tools built into the Web-based course.

Online courses are ideal for students who cannot fit scheduled face to face classroom meetings into their schedule or want to have schedule flexibility.

If you answer yes to the following questions then you are an excellent candidate for online learning:

• Do you have ready access to a computer with an Internet connection?
• Are you familiar with using a PC, keyboard, mouse and desktop file management?
• Is your overall GPA a 2.0 or higher?
• Are you organized and self-motivated?
• Can you work well on your own?
• Do you have several blocks of time throughout the week to study?
• Are you a good reader?
• Can you do well in a situation where you are expected to do a lot of writing?


If you answered No to even one of these questions, you are strongly advised to contact the Academic Advisement/Student Success Center at SUNY Adirondack to help you detemine if online classes are something you should pursue.

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