Freshman Experience Programs

SUNY Adirondack advisors will carefully assess each applicant’s academic record and placement test scores to enroll each student in the appropriate Freshman Experience Program. Freshman Experience Programs are designed to help new full-time students gather the information and develop the skills they need to be successful in college-level coursework. Students will be placed into one of three programs based on their placement test scores and academic background.

Developmental Studies

Developmental Studies is a mandatory, intensive, one-semester program for Full-time students who place in both developmental English (ENG 090) and developmental Math (MAT 090).  This program, with HRD 100A, offers both credit and non-credit classroom instruction and one-to-one tutoring in reading, writing, and math. Coursework successfully completed will count as prerequisite credit in English and Math, but not count towards credits for graduation.  Coursework is financial aid eligible. Upon successful completion of the Developmental Studies Program, students will be able to continue in the next sequence of pre-college coursework. This supportive program will provide students the necessary framework to succeed in college-level coursework. 

College Success

College Success is a mandatory one-semester program for students who enroll full or part-time, with placement scores indicating they are not yet ready for College-level Math and English coursework.  College Success offers a combination of classes that include either Developmental Mathematics (MAT 090) or Developmental English (ENG 090), and HRD 100, College Learning: Theory and Practice. This program is aimed at assisting students in building the confidence and academic skills necessary to face the rigorous challenges demanded by college-level study. The HRD 100 class focuses on the development of effective study skills, critical thinking, time management, and realistic goals and attitudes toward college study.

Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar (HRD 110) is a required course for all first-time students who are not in the College Success or Developmental Studies program. This one-credit course is part of a concerted effort by SUNY Adirondack to help students transition to the college community.

Among the topics addressed are:

  • An introduction to the College’s procedures, resources and services
  • Development or improvement of the student’s academic skills
  • Development of an awareness to career and life goals
  • Academic programs including course, major, and graduation requirements
  • Health-related and social issues

The active and participatory nature of Freshman Seminar seeks to establish a relationship between the student and faculty mentor, as well as among other students in the seminar. The College feels these relationships are vital for student success.





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