Independent Study

SUNY Adirondack recognizes that additional learning experiences above and beyond those offered on the semester’s class schedule are at times appropriate to assist a student with pursuing his or her educational goals and objectives.  Independent study courses can take many forms including those described below.

·  A course which the College offers but which is not being taught during the needed semester or time frame.  Credit granted would be recorded the same as if the course was taken in the traditional learning environment. The course number is also the same as if offered in a classroom or lab.

·  A course or project not included in the College Catalog which would enhance the student’s educational experiences and allow the student the opportunity to pursue topics in depth.  In such cases a course outline must be developed and appropriate credit assigned.  The course number assignment will be 299; the three-letter alpha prefix will indicate the discipline.  The course title will be the name of the independent study project.  

All independent study requests must be approved by the responsible instructor as well as the Division Chair and Vice President for Academic Affairs.


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