Re-admission for Students in Good Standing

Once admitted to the College for full-time study, students are welcome to re-enter for full-time or part-time study in any subsequent semester, as long as good standing is maintained.  It is recommended that re-admitted students meet with the Student Success Center to set up their schedule.

Re-admission after Academic Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed from the college are not allowed to return to SUNY Adirondack for one calendar year.  Students looking to re-enroll after a one year absence should contact the Office of the Registrar to file a request for Re-Admission.  Students who are granted approval to re-enroll will be placed on Academic Probation and may not register for more than 14 credit hours.  Re-admitted students will be required to meet with the Student Success Center to set up their schedule.  Registration forms must be signed by the Student Success Center in order to enroll in any coursework.

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