President, Dr. Kristine Duffy
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. John Jablonski
Vice President for Administrative Services, Ann Marie Scheidegger
Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs, Dr. John Delate
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Diane Wildey
Associate Vice President of Human Resources & Payroll/Affirmative Action Officer, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Mindy Wilson
Chief Advancement Officer and Executive Director of the SUNY Adirondack Foundation, Rachael Patten
Chief Diversity Officer, Cornelius Gilbert
Chief Information Officer, Mary Hand
Dean for Student Affairs, Kathryn O'Sick
Dean for Extended Programs, Michael Prutsman
Director of Accessibility Services, Steve Trevlakis
Director of ADK Compass, Mary Del Savio
Director of Athletics, Zachary Schwan
Director of Business & Financial Affairs, Lisa Dester
Director of College Access & Student Success, Jenny Postlethwaite
Director of Compliance & Risk Mgmt, Title IX Compliance Coordinator, FOIL Officer, Lottie Jameson
Director of Continuing Education & Workforce Innovation, Susan Corlew
Director of Educational Opportunity Program, Samuel Johnson
Director of Enterprise Applications, Kevin Locke
Director of Enrollment Systems, Kelsey Lorusso
Director of Facilities, Marc Morin
Director of Financial Aid, Colleen Wise
Director of Health & Wellness, Lori Prock
Director of Infrastructure Services, Brian Buckley
Director of Marketing and Communications, Rhonda Triller
Director of Public Safety, Joel Walbridge
Director of Registration and Records (Registrar), Mary Aldous
Director of SUNY Adirondack Saratoga & College Academy, Scott Royael
Director of Student & Residential Life, Taylor Testa
Director of Technology Support Services, Shane Donaldson
Director of TRIO Opportunity Programs, Chelsae Foster
Director of TRIO, Rural Upward Bound, Patrick Greene
Associate Director of Human Resources, Amy Wolfe
Assistant Director of Athletics, Julie Clark
Assistant Director of Business & Financial Affairs, Stephanie Cleveland
Assistant Director of College Access, Casey Job
Assistant Director of Enrollment Communications, Phoebe Wells
Assistant Director of Facilities, Patrick Titus
Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Jessica Dixon
Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Michele Sprague
Assistant Director of Public Safety, Wendell Vaisey
Assistant Director of Registration & Records, Ryan Thomas
Assistant Director of Student Engagement & Diversity, Dillon Murphy
Assistant Director of Student Success, Brian Holtz
Assistant Director of SUNY Adirondack Saratoga & College Academy, 
Assistant Director of Technology Support Services, Cindy Stoner
Assistant Maintenance Manager, Randall Wright
Assistant Maintenance Manager, Mathew Atkinson
Academic Success Coach, Sheila Morton 
Academic Specialist TRIO Upward Bound, Heather McDowell
Academic Specialist Upward Bound, Molly Stewart
Accessibility Assistant, Benjamin Haynes
Athletic Facilities Technical Specialist, Ashley Rosario
Budget Analyst, Eric Conduzio
Bursar, Nancy Palangi
College Access Advisor, Jenna Earle
College Access Advisor, Michael Harrington
Coordinator, Veterans Peer to Peer Program and Randles Veteran Resource Center, Jeremy Duers
Coordinator of Accessibility Services, Linda Possemato
Coordinator of Community Outreach, Yvonne Goodwin
Coordinator of Registration and Records, Jakob Kratzenberg
Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Collaborative, Doris Ostrander
Coordinator of Workforce Innovation & Training, Ryan Cummings
Creative Director, Amy Stevens
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Advisor, Ashley Staunches
Enrollment Technology Specialist, Joshua Kranz
Events Coordinator, Sarah LeRoux
Financial Services Staff Accountant, Lesley Dixon
Grant Writer, Kelly Black
Human Resources Assistant, Cassandra Schrammel
Non-Credit Program Support Specialist, Laura Scott
Payroll Coordinator, Scott Palm
Prison Education Coordinator, Reburta Moffitt
Programmer/Analyst, Sainu Paulose
Residential Academic Success Coach, 
Senior HR Administrator, Alison Stidd
Student Success Advisor-Athletics, Ethan Gunty
Student Success Advisor-Testing, 
Systems Analyst, Robert Wargo
TRIO Upward Bound Advisor, Echo Cutter
TRIO Upward Bound Advisor, Jessica Gillespie
TRIO Student Support Services Advisor, Michelle Bilodeau-Lanne
TRIO Student Support Services Advisor, Stephen Bodie
Web Applications Developer, Kevin Locke


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