Financial Responsibility

Students are required to acknowledge and agree to a Financial Responsibility Agreement prior to each semester of registration.  The Agreement is as follows:

By registering for classes at SUNY Adirondack, I acknowledge and agree that I am financially responsible for all charges related to my registration, books and housing.

I understand that if financial payment and/or arrangements have not been made by the due date, the College reserves the right to remove me as a student for non-payment, deny me access to my registered classes, and/or place a "hold" on my student records restricting me from registering, graduating, and/or obtaining a transcript until the account is paid in full. I am responsible for all late charges incurred.

Failure to attend classes does not absolve me from financial liability. In all cases it is my responsibility to drop classes by the published drop/add date(s) and I accept financial liability for these classes in accordance with the SUNY Adirondack Bill Adjustment/Liability Schedule. SUNY Adirondack may call (personally or automated) or text any phone number that I have provided to the College and leave a message regarding any outstanding account I have. I understand that, if the College texts me, I will be able to opt out. The College may use a collection agency or take legal action for any account balance due and I will be responsible for all charges owed which may include collection and/or litigation costs or attorney fees.

I understand that the College will (1) electronically post my 1098-T form (Tuition Statement) to my Banner account so I can download the form for tax purposes and (2) mail a paper copy of my 1098-T to my primary address on file. I understand that I am responsible for providing the College with updated contact information either through Banner or in person at the Registrar's Office in Warren Hall or at SUNY Adirondack Saratoga.

Federal and State Financial Aid Acknowledgement and Permission Statement: I understand that financial aid (state and federal) is only available to matriculated students. A matriculated student is a student who has been accepted to the College and is pursuing a SUNY Adirondack degree. If I am a matriculated student who is eligible for financial aid and my financial aid is reduced or canceled for any reason, I am responsible for all charges on my account. I give SUNY Adirondack permission to use any federal student aid (Pell Grant, SEOG, Direct Loan) to pay any current charges that I incur for educational related activities and any other charges (institutional and non-institutional) related to my attendance. I understand that at any time I may contact the Student Accounts (Bursar) Office to revoke this permission regarding the use of my federal student aid.



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