Placement Testing

Placement testing is required before students register for classes.  Placement test scores are used to place students in first semester courses. Non-Matriculated students must also placement test prior to registering for any classes requiring placement test scores as a pre-requisite.  Placement test scores do not impact admission to the College.  SUNY Adirondack utilizes the College Board’s ACCUPLACER and a Writing Sample for placement testing.  The ACCUPLACER assesses skills in Math and English.  The Math portion consists of: Arithmetic, Algebra and College Level Math.  The English portion consists of Reading Comprehension and a Writing Sample.  Students in need of special testing accommodations should contact the Student Success Center (Advising Center) at 518-832-7708.

Math placement test scores are valid for four years and math tests will need to be re-taken if math courses are not taken during that period.  Students may request to re-take the math placement test once in four years if they have not enrolled in a math course during that time. Once a student has enrolled in a math course the student must successfully complete that course before continuing to the next level of mathematics or be eligible to retake the placement test.

English placement test scores do not have a time limit. Students may request to re-take the English placement once and will re-test based on their initial placement criteria. Students may be also required to take ENG 099 as supplemental instruction in support of ENG  101 success.

Placement test waivers may be available to students with prior college level math and English credit, or to those who meet the necessary minimum score on the ACT or SAT, or to those who obtain the necessary score on the English 11 Regents, English 11 final course average, and/or meet the necessary minimum score on the Algebra II Trigonometry Regents. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted in support of placement evaluation only; official transcripts will be required for transfer of applicable credit. 

Placement in first semester courses can greatly affect the amount of time required to graduate. Students are strongly encouraged to review English (reading and writing) and math (arithmetic and basic algebra) topics before taking the placement tests.

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