Course Requirements

In general, a semester hour indicates attendance at class one hour each week for a semester. Implicit is the requirement that each hour of class requires two hours of outside work by the student. Two or three hours of laboratory work count the same as one hour of lecture- recitation.

A full delineation of assignment of credit hours is provided below:

Assignment of Credit Hours

Class type


Minimum instructional time


Classroom instruction

1 hour lecture = 1 credit hour


Lab work predominantly done within the class time

3 hours of lab = 1 credit hour


Lab or studio work done in and out of class time

2 hours of lab = 1 credit hour

Independent study

Study given initial guidance, review and final evaluation of student performance by a faculty member

45 hours = 1 credit hour


Supervised academic activity that provides learning considered necessary for program study

40-45 hours = 1 credit hour



  1. A  Fall or Spring semester is 14 weeks plus one week for exams. 
  2. A typical semester credit hour equates to one-55 minute session per week.   Therefore, a standard 3 credit lecture course would be offered as:
    1. Three 55-minute sessions or
    2. Two 80-minute sessions or
    3. One 180-minute session (with one 15- minute break)
    4. Equivalent amount of material/week presented in online or hybrid format
  3. Credit hours may be earned in short sessions (summer session, intersessions, half-semester, etc.) proportionately for the same activity during a regular semester normally at no more than one credit per week of full-time study.
  4. Implicit in each credit hour of class, regardless of discipline or mode of delivery, is the requirement of two additional hours of outside work by the student. 



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