Verification Procedures

The College complies with all verification requirements as directed by the U.S. Department of Education. If selected, students must complete the verification process before receiving a notification of federal aid eligibility (grants, loans, and work-study).

All applicants for whom the College has received a valid FAFSA record (i.e. not rejected by the federal processor) while still enrolled must submit required documentation by the deadline. This date is 120 days after the applicant’s last date of enrollment. An applicant who does not meet the deadline will forfeit his or her eligibility for all federal aid per current federal regulations.

Students who are selected for verification will be notified by the SUNY Adirondack Financial Aid Office as to what documentation is needed. If, as a result of verification, a student’s aid application does not need to be reprocessed by the federal processor, then the student will receive a financial aid award notice indicating his/her eligibility. However, if a student’s aid application does require reprocessing by the federal processor, the College will submit the corrections electronically on students' behalf. The College must receive a valid FAFSA by the student’s last day of enrollment of the current award year. If a student’s FAFSA is received after that time, the student will not be considered eligible for federal aid except in the case of students who were previously selected for verification. Students who are selected for verification after having already been awarded federal aid will have their aid become null and void until the verification process is completed.

It is rare for an overpayment situation to occur since SUNY Adirondack will not award federal aid until the verification process is completed. If one should occur, the student will be asked to repay the College the proper funds. If the College is not able to collect the overpayment, the case will be referred to the U.S. Department of Education.

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