Outdoor Education

Program Information

Degree Type: AAS
Program Code: OUTE
Hegis Code: 5506.10
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Microcredential:  http://www.sunyacc.edu/academics/microcredentials

Outdoor Education is an adventure-based academic experience focused on preparing highly skilled outdoor industry professionals through intensive training and professional certification. This is a comprehensive program of liberal arts, critical thinking, environmental stewardship, outdoor technical skill development, professional certification, and leadership training. The curriculum integrates academic skills with outdoor and human skills in a program of academic and professional preparation. Students completing the AAS requirements will be prepared to transfer to a four-year program at select SUNY and private institutions or entry-level careers in the outdoor adventure industry.

Cr. Course Title Course Code

Introduction to College Writing



SUNY GEN ED Basic Communication

ENG102, ENG103, ENG104, ENG105, ENG106, ENG107, ENG108, ENG109 or ENG110

3 SUNY GEN ED Mathematics  
3-4 SUNY GEN ED Natural Sciences  CHM105 Environmental Sci. recommended
3 General Psychology or Principles of Sociology

PSY101 or SOC101

3 Fundamentals of Backcountry Living AVS101
2 Basic River and Backcountry Canoeing  AVS102
3 Foundations of Adventure Education AVS140
3 Wilderness First Responder HED108
3 Advanced Program Leadership and Instruction  AVS227 (Fall Only - Prereq Required)
3 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation AVS239 (Spring Only- Prereq Required)
3 Principles of Hospitality and Tourism HOS181


AGR102AGR103BUS102BUS103, or BUS165
6 Complete 6 courses from;  
  Challenge Course I PED152
  Challenge Course II  PED162 (Spring Only -Prereq Required)
  Skiing I or Snowboarding I PED124 or PED144
  Skiing II or Snowboarding II

 PED174 or PED154 (Prereq Required)

  Rock Climbing I PED165
  Rock Climbing II  PED166 (Spring Only- Prereq Required)
6 Choose 2 courses from;  
  Challenge Course Management AVS231 (Spring Only- Prereq Required)
  Fundamentals of Backcountry Skiing AVS224 (Spring Only- Prereq Required)
  Rock Climbing Guiding and Instruction AVS265 (Fall Only- Prereq Required)
  Adventure Program Operations Internship or Topics in Adventure Program Design AVS178 or AVS250 (Prereq Required)
6 Liberal Arts and Sciences SPH111 Introduction to Public Speaking recommended
3 Electives  
63 Minimum Credits required for graduation  
Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-2 HRD100, HRD100A or HRD110
3 ENG101
3 PSY 101 or SOC 101
3 AVS101
3 AVS140
1 PED152
1 PED165
Second Semester
3 HOS 181
3 ENG102 - ENG110
3 Liberal Arts and Sciences Electives
2 AVS102
3 HED108
1 PED124 or PED144
1 PED162
1 PED166
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
3 AGR/BUS Elective (See Note 1)
3 Outdoor Education course (See Note 2)
3 AVS227
3 SUNY GEN ED Mathematics
3 Liberal Arts and Sciences elective
Fourth Semester
3 AGR/BUS elective (See Note 1)
3 Outdoor Education course (See Note 2)
3 AVS239
3-4 SUNY GEN ED Natural Sciences
3 Electives
1 PED154 or PED174


  1. Electives include:  AGR 102, AGR 103, BUS 102, BUS 103 or BUS 165
  2. Outdoor Education courses include: AVS 178, AVS 231, AVS 224, AVS 250 or AVS 265 [AVS 221 may also be used to meet this requirement.]
  3. ACA Swiftwater Rescue Certification will meet an Outdoor Education requirement and two free elective credits.
  4. Students may gain credentials while enrolled in this OUTE program as shown below:

First Semester Certification  

Second Semester Certifications

AVS 101 – Leave No Trace

AVS 102 – New York Safe Boating Operator

HED 108 – Wilderness First Responder, CPR and NARCAN

Third Semester Certifications

Fourth Semester Certification

AVS 231 - Level II Challenge Course

AVS 265 – Climbing Wall Instructor with Lead endorsement

AVS 224 – Telemark Level I

PED 154 – Snowboard Level I

PED 174 – Alpine Level I


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