Support Staff

Accessibility Services
Jeffery Shakow (2024)
Advisement and Testing Center
Stacy Mondesir (2004)
Alexis Sipowicz (2022)
BA, SUNY Brockport
Donna Ellis (2019)
Business Office
Gabriella Vance (2023)
Judy Traver (2007)
BS, SUNY Cortland
Kimberly Hall (2003)
AS, Adirondack Community College
Linda Idecker (2018)
AA, Gloucester County College
Meagan Tennant (2019)
AS, SUNY Adirondack 
Continuing Education
Carmen Nieves-Foley (2024)
Copy Center
Counseling and Health & Wellness
Andrew Nolan (2022)
AA, SUNY Adirondack
Educational Technology
Isabella Greco (2024)
Brendan Kear (2024)
B.Tech, SUNY College of Technology at Canton
Miles Matthews (2023)
BS, Alfred State College
Lynden Millington (2023)
BS, Clarkson University
Brenden Monteleone (2023)
BS, Adelphi University
Rebecca Edwards (2011)
AS, Adirondack Community College
Faculty Secretary
Wanda Adamson (2007)
AAS, Adirondack Community College
Beth Bishop (2023)
MSW, SUNY Albany
Kathleen Haller (1998)
2006 President's Award for Support Staff Excellence
Kelly Hammond (2022)
Rhonda Savage (2021)
Financial Aid
Nancy Leo (2008)
Rebecca Young (2022).
BA, SUNY Oneonta
Human Resources
Information Technology Services
Rita Debnam (2018)
AAS, Adirondack Community College
Bailey Durham (2019)
Jessica Kennedy Wieprzowski (2017)
BBA SUNY Delhi; AA, Adirondack Community College
2022 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service
Mail Services
Laura Baker (2009)
2011 President's Award for Support Staff Excellence
2016 Community Spirit Award
2020 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Services
Derek Bancroft (2014)
Matthew Brennan (2019)
Kevin Boya (2023)
Sidney Carlson (2017)
Andrew Carson (2023)
Richard Cottone (2015)
Thomas Cusick (2004)
Bruce Dominie (2022)
Kenneth Duncan (2023)
John Etu (2023)
Joseph Fletcher (2019)
Maliek Fontes  (2021)
Cheryl Grzyb (2009)
Tyler Gurtler (2023)
Bradley Jenkins (2024)
Robert Kelly (2013)
2015 Community Spirit Award
Diane Lambert (2019)
Damian Lindstadt (2022)
Joanne Loveland (2013)
Todd Mallard (2016)
Ligaya Morrissey (2018)
Livia Mullaney (2024)
Daniel Paquin (2013)
Jason Phillips (2023)
Kevin Schultze (2022)
Kevin Shpunt (2022)
Peter Townsend (1985)
2012 President's Award for Support Staff Excellence
Kyle Walkup (2021)
AA, SUNY Adirondack
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Diana Williams (2009)
AA, Adirondack Community College
2015 President's Award for Excellence in Distinguished Services
Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services
Patti Tennyson (2017)
Office of the President
Jennifer Chase (2022)
MBA, Northeastern University
Peace Officers
Joseph Bethel (2015)
Joshua Burch (2024)
Ryan Denney (2023)
Robert Dennis (2020)
Brian Dumas (2023)
Emily Poole (2024)
Ronald Tanner (2023)
Meghan Thibault (2019)
Michael Tiller (2023)
Jason Vandenburgh (2017)
David Willis (2016)
Caitlin Stiles (2023)
AS, SUNY Adirondack
SUNY Adirondack Foundation
Carrie Griffen-Yakush (2021)
AAS, Adirondack Community College
2024 President's Award for Excellence in Support Staff
SUNY Adirondack Saratoga
Diane Kircher (2022)


2024 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

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