Individual Course Fees

Course ID Course Title Section Fee Amount  
AGR 103 Sustainable Food $50.00  
ANT 204 Archaeology Field School $50.00  
ART102 Two Dimensional Design $20.00  
ART104 Introductory Photography $75.00 *No Fee For Online Sections
ART105 Studio Photography $85.00  
ART106 Drawing I $20.00  
ART107 Drawing II $20.00  
ART108 Advertising Photography $85.00  
ART109 Photojournalism $75.00 *No Fee For Online Sections
ART 110 Landscape Photography $85.00  
ART121 3-Dimensional Design $20.00  
ART122 Introduction to Digital Art $50.00  
ART207 Painting I $20.00  
ART208 Life Drawing $20.00  
ART209 Life Painting $20.00  
ART215 Introduction to Museum Studies $85.00  
ART220 Intermediate Photography $100.00  
ART222 Graphic Arts I $75.00 *No Fee For Online Sections
ART223 Typography I $75.00 *No Fee For Online Sections
ART224 Digital Painting and Illustration $85.00  
ART225 Advanced Photographic Lighting $85.00  
ART250 Multimedia Design $65.00  
ART251 Web Design I $65.00 *No Fee For Online Sections
ART252 Graphic Arts II $85.00 *No Fee For Online Sections
ART253 Digital PrePress $85.00  
ART254 Web Design II $65.00  
ART255 Topics Media Arts-Photography $100.00  
ART290 Media Arts Portfolio Dev $25.00  
ART291 Advanced Media Workshop $50.00 *No Fee For Online Sections
ART292 Client Design Workshop $75.00  
AST113 Introduction to Astronomy $30.00  
AVS101 Fund of Backcountry Living $125.00  
AVS102 Basic & Backcountry Canoeing $125.00  
AVS 221 Challenge Course Facilitation $30.00  
AVS222 River Safety and Swiftwater Rescue $70.00  
AVS224 Fund of Backcountry Skiing $125.00  
AVS231 Challenge Course Management $130.00  
AVS265 Rock Climbing Guiding and Instruction $125.00  
BIO103 Principles of Biology Lab $50.00  
BIO105 Human Anatomy $50.00  
BIO107 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab $100.00  
BIO108 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab $100.00  

General Biology I Lab

BIO112 General Biology II Lab $75.00  
BIO113 Microbiology Lab $100.00  
BIO205 General Ecology Lab $60.00  
BIO212 Genetics Lab $75.00  
BIO213 Molecular Biology Lab $75.00  
BIO299 Independent Study $75.00  
CHM103 Principles of Chemistry I Lab $60.00  
CHM104B Organic and Biological Chemistry Lab $60.00  
CHM105 Environmental Science Lab $60.00  
CHM107 Chemistry in Society $60.00  
CHM111 General Chemistry I Lab $60.00  
CHM112 General Chemistry II Lab $60.00  
CHM202 Quantitative and Instrumental Analysis Lab $60.00  
CHM203 Organic Chemistry I Lab $75.00  
CHM204 Organic Chemistry II Lab $75.00  
CIS133 Network Fundamentals (CCNA1) $65.00  
CIS134 Routing Protocols and Concepts (CCNA2) $65.00  
CIS136 IT Security Essentials $65.00  
CIS139 Scaling LAN/WAN Technologies (CCNA3-4) $65.00  
CIS232 Server Administration $65.00  
CIS233 Advanced Routing (CCNP1) $65.00  
CIS235 Network Security II (CNNA Security) $65.00  
CIS245 Ethical Hacking and Defense $65.00  
CIS246 Advanced Networking Technologies $65.00  
COM175 Digital Audio Production $65.00  
COM181 Digital Video Editing $65.00  
COM185 TV Studio Production $75.00  
COM186 Television Field Production $65.00  
COM215 Advanced Video Production $65.00  
COM219 Television News Production $75.00  
CUL127 Basic Food Preparation I $100.00  
CUL128 Basic Food Preparation II $100.00  
CUL130 Baking Techniques $75.00  
CUL131 Casual Dining Room Service $20.00  
CUL132 Advanced Baking Techniques $75.00  
CUL133 Fine Dining Room Service $20.00  
CUL134 Garde Manger $60.00  
CUL135 Food Specification and Control $40.00  
CUL137 Advanced Food Service I $100.00  
CUL138 Advanced Food Service II $100.00  
CUL139 Pastry and Dessert Preparation $75.00  
CUL140 Intro to Wine and Spirits $60.00  
CUL142 Sauce Theory I $60.00  
CUL143 Bar Operations and Mixology $60.00  
CUL144 Menu Design and Pairing $100.00  
CUL145 Menu Design and Food Pairing $50.00  
CUL146 Contemporary Culinary Trends $50.00  
CUL147 Chocolate and Confections $50.00  
CUL148 Cooking for Special Diets $50.00  
CUL149 Butchering $90.00  
EGR105 Engineering Physics I $10.00  
EGR106 Engineering Physics II $10.00  
EGR204 Engineering Physics III $10.00  
GEO101 Physical Geology Lab $50.00  
HED104 First Aid and Safety $10.00  
HED108 Wilderness First Responder $200.00  
HRD101 Career Exploration $30.00  
MUS 112 Private Music $200.00  
MUS115 Class Piano $30.00  
MUS116 Class Piano $30.00  
MUS130 Private Instruction $200.00  
MUS132 Percussion Ensemble $30.00  
MUS133 String Ensemble $.00  
MUS135 Vocal Ensemble $.00  
MUS136 Jazz Ensemble $30.00  
MUS139 Piano Ensemble $30.00  
MUS140 Guitar Ensemble $30.00  
MUS141 Rock Music Ensemble $50.00  
NUR100 Found of Nurse Caring I $275.00  
NUR102 Principles of Nurse Caring II $275.00  
NUR104 Principles of Nurse Caring III $275.00  
NUR200 Principles of Nurse Caring IV $275.00  
PED107 Swimming and Water Safety $50.00  
PED108 Advanced Lifeguard and Safety $50.00  
PED123 Bowling I $35.00  
PED124 Skiing I $30.00  
PED126 Racquetball I $35.00  
PED139 Whitewater I $100.00  
PED144 Snowboarding I $30.00  
PED149 Whitewater II $70.00  
PED152 Challenge Course I $30.00  
PED154 Snowboarding II $30.00  
PED162 Challenge Course II $30.00  
PED165 Rock Climbing I $50.00  
PED166 Rock Climbing II $50.00  
PED174 Skiing II $30.00  
PHY111 General Physics I Lab $30.00  
PHY112 General Physics II Lecture $10.00  
PHY112 General Physics II Lab $30.00  
SCI110 Integrated Science $50.00  
SCI205 Introduction to Food Science $50.00  
SCI210 Forensic Science Lab $50.00  
TEC107 Mechanical Technology I 50.00  
TEC108 Mechanical Technology II 50.00  
TEC119 Electricity I $40.00  
TEC120 Electricity II $40.00  
TEC130 Introduction to RFID $10.00  
TEC223 Motors and Controls $60.00  
TEC241 Industrial Electronics $40.00  
TEC250 Automation and Controls I $25.00  
TEC251 Automation and Controls II $25.00  
TEC264 Robotics I $60.00  
TEC265 Robotics II $60.00  
TEC266 Hydraulics and Pneumatics $60.00  
THR107 Touring Theater $85.00  
VET101 Introduction to Veterinary Science I $75.00  
VET112 Veterinary Clinical Pathology $75.00  
VET114 Animal Anatomy and Physiology $75.00  
VET115 Introduction to Veterinary Science Tech II $75.00  


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