Program Information

Degree Type: AAS
Program Code: MECA
Hegis Code: 5311
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This curriculum provides both theoretical and hands-on knowledge of robotics, mechanical technology, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical systems. The degree will create a well-rounded technology oriented person who is trainable for the specific needs of many different organizations today and in the future. As an applied associates of science degree, a key objective of this program is to prepare students to be responsible professional employees in local industries.

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-2 Freshman Experience HRD100 HRD100A or HRD110

Introduction to College Writing


SUNY GEN ED Basic Communication

ENG102, ENG103, ENG104, ENG105, ENG106, ENG107, ENG108, ENG109 or ENG110

Mathematical Functions

MAT108 , MAT121, MAT125 or MAT131

4 SUNY Gen Ed Natural Science lab science  
3 SUNY Gen Ed Social Science  
3 SUNY GETA, GEOC, GEHU OR GEFL, liberal arts and sciences  
3 Introduction to Networking CIS131
3 Introduction to Technology TEC101 (Fall only)
3 Electrical Systems and Distribution TEC103 (Fall only)
3 Mechanical Technology I TEC107
3 Mechanical Technology II TEC108 (Prereq Required)
4 Electricity I TEC119 (Fall only - Pre/Coreq Required)
4 Electricity II  TEC120 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
3 Motors and Controls  TEC223 (Fall only - Prereq Required)
3 Automation and Controls I  TEC250 (Fall only - Prereq Required)
3 Robotics I TEC264 (Fall only - Prereq Required)
3 Robitics II TEC265 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
3 Hydraulics and Pneumatics TEC266 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
3 Liberal Arts and Sciences  
3 Electives TEC125, TEC178, TEC205, TEC251 recommended
64 Minimum credits required for graduation  
Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-2 HRD100, HRD100A or HRD110
3 ENG101
3 MAT108, MAT121, MAT125 or MAT131
3 TEC101
3 TEC103
4 TEC119
Second Semester
3 ENG102 - ENG110
4 SUNY Gen Ed Natural Science lab science
3 CIS131
4 TEC120
3 TEC107
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
3 SUNY Gen Ed Social Science
3 TEC108
3 TEC223
3 TEC250
3 TEC264
Fourth Semester
3 TEC265
3 TEC266

SUNY Gen Ed GETA, GEOC, GEHU or GEFL liberal arts and sciences

3 Liberal Arts and Sciences
3 Electives - See Note 1

1. Recommended electives are TEC125 or TEC178, TEC205, or TEC251.

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