Culinary Arts

Program Information

Degree Type: AAS
Program Code: CART
Hegis Code: 5404.00
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The culinary profession is a challenging and rewarding occupation. Chefs continually explore new trends in cuisine. The hospitality industry demands trained chefs, cooks and baking specialties for all levels of employment. This program provides students with opportunity and training in our new Culinary Arts Facility via Regional Cuisine dinners, Spa Cuisine luncheons, banquets and Culinary Arts club activities, as well as an internship. The program is designed to train the student to enter the culinary profession or prepare for transfer to other culinary institutions. Recommended high school preparation: Chemistry, math functions, speech and introduction to foods class.

Cr. Course Title Course Code
1-4 Freshman Experience HRD100 HRD100A or HRD110

Writing I 

ENG101 or ENG100A &ENG100B

SUNY GEN ED Basic Communication

ENG102, ENG103, ENG104, ENG105, ENG106, ENG107, ENG108, ENG109 or ENG110
3 Mathematics  
3-4 Lab Science  
6 Social Science  
3 Business Elective BUS102BUS103, BUS165 or ECO101
1 Sanitation  CUL125 (Fall only)
4 Basic Food Preparation I CUL127 (Fall only)
4 Basic Food Preparation II  CUL128 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
3 Baking Techniques CUL130
2 Casual Dining Room Service CUL131
3 Advanced Baking Techniques CUL132 (Spring only - Prereq Required)
2 Fine Dining Room Service CUL133
2 Food Specification & Control  CUL135
4 Advanced Food Service I CUL137 (Fall only - Prereq Required)
4 Advanced Food Service II  CUL138 (Spring only - Prereq Required)

Culinary Arts Elective

Choose 2 from:

CUL140 Introduction to Wine and Spirits

CUL142 Sauce Theory I (Spring only - Prereq Required)

CUL143 Bar Operations and Mixology

CUL145 Menu Design and Food Pairing (Prereq Required)

2 Mathematical Applications for the Food Service Profession CUL141 (Spring only)
1 Contemporary Culinary Trends CUL146
3 Culinary Arts Internship CUL178 (Prereq Required)
3 Liberal Arts and Sciences  
64 minimum credits required for graduation  


Recommended First Year
First Semester
1-4 HRD100, HRD100A or HRD110
3 ENG101 or ENG100A & ENG100B
1 CUL125
4 CUL127
3 CUL130
2 CUL131 (See Note 2)
2 CUL135
Second Semester
3 ENG102 - ENG110
4 CUL128
2 CUL141
3 CUL132
2 CUL133 (See Note 2)
2 Culinary Arts elective
Recommended Second Year
Third Semester
3 CUL178
4 CUL137
3 Social Science
3 Mathematics
3 Liberal Arts and Sciences
2 Culinary Arts elective (See Note 3)
1 CUL146
Fourth Semester
3 Social Science 
4 CUL138
3 BUS101, BUS102, BUS103 or BUS165
3-4 Lab Science


  1. The student is required to wear an approved professional chef's uniform in all labs and purchase a cutlery set. Check with Pastry Chef on required baking tools. Recommend measuring cups, measuring spoons, some pastry bags and tips.
  2. Students must take CUL131 and CUL133 in the first academic year.
  3. Culinary Arts electives are CUL140, CUL142, CUL143 and CUL145.
  4. Paul Smith's College transfer students: A student must complete six credits of mathematics from Adirondack; MAT108, MAT109 or MAT127 are recommended. Please see an advisor for articulation agreement details.
  5. Johnson & Wales University transfer students: Students should take CUL142 and CUL143. Please see an advisor for articulation agreement details.
  6. SUNY Cobleskill transfer students: Please see an advisor for articulation agreement details.
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